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Conheça o Código de Conduta da Classe Optimist

Em Julho de 2020 foi publicado o Código de Conduta da IODA. Um documento simples, mas que expressa toda a essencia do nosso esporte e as boas práticas de ética e conduta que devemos seguir. Não deixe de ler, aprender e principalmente, praticar e compartilhar.

IODA Code of Conduct

IODA recognizes children have a lot to gain from Sport. Sailing in the Optimist Class provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn new skills, become more confident and maximize their potential. As a result, IODA has published a “Code of Conduct” as a guide for individuals who are involved in the Optimist Class.

IODA believes a child-centred approach to sailing will reap many benefits in terms of health, well-being, and continued involvement in sailing into their future adulthood.

It is the policy of IODA, that all sailors, coaches, instructors, officials, staff, parents and volunteers show respect and understanding for each other, treat everyone equally within the context of the sport, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects on the principles of IODA. The aim is for all sailors to enjoy and to improve performance.

Members, Volunteers, Support Persons, Coaches and Officials

  1. Consider the welfare and safety of all sailors before, during and after the event.

  2. Encourage sailors to value their performance and not just results.
  3. Ensure any coaching and activities are appropriate to age, ability, and experience of those taking part.
  4. Respect the child’s trust and rights whilst being open and honest with them.
  5. Champion everyone’s right to participate and celebrate differences by not discriminating against anyone of colour, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, language, religion, political of other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.
  6. Respect your position of trust and maintain appropriate boundaries and relationships with young people. Engaging in sexual behaviour with any child under 16 is illegal.
  7. Avoid any unnecessary physical contact with young people.
  8. Consider your behaviour – do not engage in any behaviour that constitutes any form of abuse.
  9. Lead by example when it comes to good sportsmanship, positive behaviour and commitment to the Optimist Class and the sport of sailing.
  10. Not be under the influence of alcohol, take substances or smoke whilst working directly with young people.
  11. Be aware of how you behave on social media that it could be viewed by a young person.


  1. Be supportive of your child and help them enjoy the sport.
  2. Help your child to recognize good performance and not just results.
  3. Never force your child to partake in an exercise.
  4. Never punish or belittle your child for losing or making mistakes.
  5. Respect and support the coach.
  6. Accept officials’ judgement and recognize good performance by all participants.
  7. Encourage and respect other participants.


  1. Respect your coach, team leader, officials, and organizers.
  2. Keep yourself safe by listening to your coach and team leader and behave responsibility and speak out if you see something that is not right. Remember “If you see something, say something”.
  3. Respect other participants and celebrate differences in our activity and do not discriminate against anyone else on the grounds of colour, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, language, religion, political of other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.
  4. Treat other sailors with respect and appreciate everyone has different levels of skill and talent.
  5. Do not bully anyone either in person, by phone, by text or online.
  6. Support and encourage your teammates. Tell them when they have done well and be there for them when they are struggling.
  7. Take care of all equipment, even if it is not yours.
  8. Do not smoke, consume alcohol or take substances any time whilst attending an IODA or Optimist event.
  9. Abide by the rules and play fairly.
  10. Accept the officials’ judgement and decisions.
  11. Always do your best!


July 2020



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