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Triste notícia… Mundial de Optimist não acontecerá pela 1a vez na história

2020 Optimist World Championship Cancelled

Fonte: Email oficial IODA em 14 de julho de 2020

The IODA Executive Committee has come to the unfortunate conclusion that based on the current uncertainty regarding international travel, quarantine requirements and increased infections of COVOD-19 worldwide, that IODA cannot proceed with the 2020 World Championship.

IODA received three bids for the 2020 Worlds following the withdrawal of Italy, but none met our stringent requirements in light of the current world situation.

As a result, the Executive Committee has made the difficult decision to cancel the Optimist World Championship for 2020.

This decision was based on the view that the health and safety of our sailors is a top priority. Additionally, a World Championship must be inclusive and global in nature. In today’s environment, with quarantine restrictions and too many uncertainties this was not possible.

We acknowledge that this will be a disappointment for many Optimist sailors who are in their last year of eligibility to compete in an Optimist World Championship. We encourage you to move on to other classes and compete with the same passion and dedication that you did while in the Optimist.

We would like to thank our Members from Brazil, Hong Kong and Spain for submitting bids to host the 2020 Optimist World Championship on such a short notice. We appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into preparing their excellent bids and we thank them on behalf of all our our Members and Optimist sailors globally.

IODA is now focusing our efforts on delivering three Optimist Continental Championships in 2020 – the South Americans (ARG), that was postponed only a week or so before it was to take place last March, the Europeans (SLO) at new dates and a new venue, and the Asian & Oceanians (SRI).

The dates of the Europeans taking place in Portorož, Slovenia have been confirmed for October 18-25th. The dates for the Asian & Oceanians and the South Americans will be confirmed soon.

July 14, 2020



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